Poco la Pax is a Melbourne electro-pop dance outfit that combines the best of live instrumentation and electronic sampling through dynamic live performances. The irony in the name Poco la Pax, Latin for ‘a little peace’, is that there is nothing tranquil about this band.

Poco la Pax


The band scrambles anything they love into their sound, with influences from Basement Jaxx to Phoenix to Stravinsky, they impishly dance around any real genre-pinning. With a firm feeling that a good sound can’t be too big, they apply their inclusive compulsion to their instrumentation, throwing in punchy electronic sampling with guitars, group vocals, live drums, keys and a feisty horn section. 

Poco la Pax began to take shape in 2009 when 19-year old guitarist Will Cuming started hankering for something different. Uninspired by his rigid Music course at VCA and itching for a change from jazz bands, he began tinkering on his laptop with electronic beats, compelled by his obsessive nature and drive to produce new sounds.


Ben and Lou

Jess was the voice that the Poco kids had been looking for and she had been there all along, well sort of... A few years younger than Will, Lou and Eitan at school, the guys in the band  had for the most part ignored her. But  after a few rehearsal and nights out  together, they all agree now that they quite like her. With a monster  instrument that most singers would die for, Jess's voice is like a sweet daisy and a punch in the face all at once


Schoolmate Eitan Kornfeld was snapped up who, while dreadlocked and directionless after a year in Israel, started contributing vocals to the tracks.



Trombonist Louise, Will’s older sister and natural creative partner, was an easy addition to the band having grown up in a music-centric family. She got her first trombone when she was 10 because she thought the slidey thing sounded funny. But really, she secretly thinks the instrument picks you, like a wand.


Ross provides the brooding good looks and dangerous bad boy edge to the band. He’s a powder keg, a real rebel-rouser of the worst kind. But we keep him on for the street cred and his angelic choir-boy voice. Ross is also the guitar tech of the band. He knows more about Will's guitar than Will does and has a vast array of gadgets and pedals that make funny sounds like plop, weeeeeeeee, aaaaarrrrrrrr, pow pow and beuuuuuuu, beuuuuu.



Ben’s the whiz kid. He’s like a musical Rain Man. 

He was a choir boy until the dark day his voice broke, his classical singing career was shattered and he s

piralled into an addiction of creating and starring in poorly made Youtube parody videos. Oh yeh, and he plays trumpet too.

Justin is the drumming child prodigy. We promise to return him to his parents real soon.


Beuuuu, Beuuuu, reeee, pi pi pi, deu deu deeeeeeuuuuuuu...